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At NUGZ we highly focus on providing the best products available within Canada

The Company

At NUGZ we highly focus on providing the best products available within Canada. As being an all Canadian brand we source all our products from within Canada. Through our extensive network and contacts we ensure we get the best flowers, edibles and marijuana related products available on the market at the best rates.

Most of our products are sourced from British Columbia and raised to perfection. When looking for our products we look for “magazine worthy” flowers. Our main mission will be focused on providing Canadians with the best flowers available on the market for the best prices we can provide. Marijuana has its benefits and the health benefits are indisputable, to ensure our patients are satisfied with their needs we will be carrying Indica Dominant Strains, Sativa Dominant Strains and also Hybrid Strains. This is to ensure all our patients required needs are met through the different options available.

At NUGZ we will be carrying all different levels of strains so that even our beginners have a starting foundation. Our rating system will be as follows:

AA (indica/sativa/hybrid)

AAA (indica/sativa/hybrid)

AAAA (indica/sativa/hybrid)

5STAR (indica/sativa/hybrid)

Our Mission

Our mission at NUGZ is to provide our patients with the most exceptional service and product that provides the best comfort and feeling for the patient.

Our Vision

To get you LIFTED!


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